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Goldendoodle Breeder Texas

Tricky is our Goldendoodle. Has beautiful red pups now. Due march 30. Pups will be ready May 2023.

Goldendoodle Breeder Texas is Blue. will have a litter abouts March 2022. Blue eyes. 42 pounds. Mated Dec 17. Will have pups  in Feb. 




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AKC austrain shepard<br />
Dogtown Pups

Cookie is a AKC Australian Shepherd. One year old with breeding rights. Had one litter good mom, and good with children. 42 pounds. $900

Goldendoodle Breeder Texas

Rosie Goldendoodle that is breed to our standard poodle. Breed with Joey on March 7, will have pups May 7, Pups will be ready to go home July 1, 2023.

poodles for sale McKinney Tx

Lucy our Red Poodle.

Golden Retriever Breeder Tx

AKC Golden Retriever Goldie. I will have AKC Golden Retrievers. Breed March 2, 2023. Pups will be born May 2 and ready to go home July 1, 2023

poodles for sale McKinney Tx

Ittie Bit is a Goldendoodle. She got her name being a runt in a litter. She became my hip baby. She does not understand she is now to big to be a hip baby. Due march 30. Pups will be ready in May 2023. Taking deposits.

Standard poodles for sale Texas

Casey is our red Standard Poodle with a bad hair cut.

sheepadoodle breeder

Old English Sheep dog. Sheepadoodles Breed March 2 Will have pups May 2. 2023. pups ready to leave July 1, 2023

Poodle pups for sale Dallas

AKC Red Poodle Pickels

Pickles has a crazy smile. She loves to smile when happy. I am guessing the pups will grow up to do this too.

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One year health Guarantee.

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Transporation for in state and out of state.


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