Standard Poodle Information. There are lots of reasons why you should consider owning a Standard Poodle, but here are the top 5. Poodles are not bred to be guard dogs. They get along with everyone and love all humans, making them excellent family pets. You can take your poodle wherever you like and know that they will welcome any strangers into their territory, making them an excellent choice for owners who travel frequently or live in large homes with multiple entrances that need to be secured. They do need grooming every 8-10 weeks so some consideration of your lifestyle is required.

Standard poodles are highly intelligent, eager to please, and eager to learn. They love to learn. They are very affectionate and would do well in a home with children or other dogs. Poodles require some work when they are puppies but if you can be around them every day, they will blossom into great companions!

If you are considering standard poodle puppies for sale, you have come to the right place. We have a large selection of purebred standard poodles from breeders in Texas and other parts of the country. Standard poodles make excellent pets because of their intelligence, friendly disposition and love of human interaction. No amount of training can replace their natural instinct to please owners and they are easy to deal with when trained correctly.